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It is just a recommendation for quality of life in the game.

Daryl_Gonzales| Daryl_Gonzales 8/22/2018 01:12:28
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Good Afternoon. I would like to give some feedback for the game itself. I do love the game, i really do and i like the gameplay itself. It really feels like playing a League of Legends but on mobile. It has it's own defining meta every patch, all heroes/champions are balance and also they are versatile due to the fact that the new jungle make new possibilities and new strategy. I love the game really. But of course not all games are perfect because a perfect game is nothing to a game that has room to improve for the better.

I want to start in matchups. First things first that "smurfing" is still a notorious way on stomping players. I know that it is not resolvable atm, and i give my sympathy to you guys. But the thing i want you guys to take credit is to have a matchup that has consideration to the account level. Sometimes there are matchups in solo queue that a level 5 account is being matched to a silver rank level account. This is a huge disadvantage to a level 5 account especially that 1. The account itself don't have access to the arcana and 2. The player of the Silver rank account has a higher level of experience than the one who are just starting. This scenario is based on a 5v5 Grand Battle matchup.

My second note is the price of the Arcana. I know you hate to have an early advantage by purchasing arcanas in an early level. But i recommend you guys to make the Tier 3 Arcana cheaper. The price from the tier 2 and tier 3 arcana is a very big jump in price. This makes players invest in arcana that to invest in other heroes/champions. Also this is also a advantage and a disadvantage. An advantage because of the resident players of the game are being awarded a higher stats than the new players. But this is a disadvantage for the new and upcoming players especially when they start playing the rank games. This can result in an imbalance of powers especially if the enemy on the rank are on lvl 30 and has invested on arcanas. I don't want you guys to remove all in all. You can choose to make the tier 3 arcanas cheaper to make the playing field as fair as possible or make revamp the arcana gameplay by making it like in league of legends a keystone masteries and free for everyone. But upon leveling up, they will unlock a new keystone and runes that can be adjusted in terms of their playstyle and gameplay.

3rd one is to have a simultaneous release of updates all across the region. This will help teams and players and also Pro Players to adapt, train and brainstorm for the upcoming meta on that update. If it will be delayed, please delayed the update per region by approximately 1 day per region. If you will have a patch update in Korea, SEA should have the update 1 day before or after the Korean server. To have it a fair playing field.

4th and the last one is to have a champion sale not only via Vouchers but also via Gold. This will help new players to be excited to the game itself.

This post focuses on the newcomer so that you can have new upcoming players. And so that the community will balloon to a higher extent. I love the game because it has the footprint of league of legends of the old days. I will still support the game and still post reports that can help enhance the game itself. Thank you and Good Day.
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