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Best Wukong in the world!!!!

HadesAoVYoutube| HadesAoVYoutube 8/21/2018 01:57:58
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Hey guys i am a player with 4 Master 2 Diamond and 1 Plat account. At the momant i try to become the best wukong in the world. i play since season 3 and im a very good ad experience player at this game. On my main account (Masters) i got a 70 % winrate with Nakroth and Ryoma. i played over 100 games with each of everyone. But why do i want to become the best Wukong in the world? Well the answer is simply easy. We ot the best Nakroth the best Lauriel the best sm and so one.... but noone is known for beeinge he best wukong in the world. And thats my goal for the future. I create a new account with 90% winrate plat 5 atm. i broke the 30 games winstreak with 32 wins in a row since i started playing this account. Atm i go 2 episodes of my journy to rank 1 Wukong on my youtube channel. If u want to see me climbing all the way up to one of the most respectful and best players u should susbcribe to my youtube channel and turn on the notifications so u don´t miss a video. Thats it i hope u enjoy my videos and the other stuff i did have a nice day im out bye .

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