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Copy And Paste Want Something New Pls

From_Hell| From_Hell 7/31/2018 21:35:33
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I have noticed (especially with newer characters) a trend in abilities and a lack of new ideas. Flash, Zill, and the relatively new mage marja have the same ult. Every mage seems to build for slow effects and carry around one classic stun skill (with Lauriel and Tulpen being notable exceptions). Hell, even characters like Arthur have out of character slow effects by simply doing damage (unless that’s a glitch). Valhein and Slimz used to be unique with being the only ADC with a stun skill until Yorn got a buff and Tel came out. After Kilgroth came out it seems there’s a new trend in packaging and redoing his ultimate with the game breaking Rourke having a buffed Kilgroth ult. Batman stole Wu Kong’s thunder with a better invisibility skill and Arum just added to the growing list of “cage” Ult skills like Aleister and Omens.

I understand not all of these characters are the same and there are definite differences between them, however with every buff and new character, there are striking similarities with Marja feeling almost like Flash met Arum and had a reskinned kid flash (Flash is still better imo but really, feels like arums s1 and s2 mixed with Flash ult).

I’m not here just to complain but I wouldn’t mind some new ult/skills/passives/characters. Item variation would also be nice since it feels every group (mage, adc, assassins etc) have the same exact core items with some odd balls in each caregory.

New ideas:
- Mana Drain. A hero built aroun this would be a cool idea and viable against most hero’s.
- manual trapping hero (this means the player has to trigger the trap to do damage as opposed to lindis’s traps that explode on their own).
- a sacrificial ability (can take damage for a teammate or two). Would be an interesting ultimate skill to try putting on a support character. It would be an improvement from just adding a slow effect + control effect for the ult.
- An ability that can OHKO or instantly reduce a target to 10% HP if certain conditions are met. While this may seem dangerous in breaking the balance of the game, having a “tank targeting” hero would be something kind of new. [Insert Assassin or ADC] can practically OHKO non-tank characters already...
- Targeted Heal Ally. We have self heal and crowd heal skills on characters but no single target heal skills. Even if it can target both the caster of the skill or the single target it would be something different
- Summoning Minions. I think this would be a blast to do and while it may not be competitive per say, it would definitely be cool and new.
- Making a Barrier. Aleister comes close to this, but ultimately it’s just a classic AOE stun effect. Creating a temporary physical barrier a character cants simply run through (with purify) would be certainly new.
-Healing Towers. Towers are already pretty squishy and heal about as quickly as paint dries. Having a hero that can heal towers wouldn’t break the game considering certain characters like [insert generic ADC or Omega] can already mow towers.
-Buffing Towers or Structures or Winions. We all know it’s the Winions that really count.
-Possessing someone else. This can be like an invincibility ability for where for a short time period (like 5 seconds) you take control of an enemy. Hell, you probably can do it for a longer time period if you have a demerit that your character stays immobile during that time period and you lose control if you die (or time runs out).
-Search Effect - a skill that allows you to look anywhere on the map (even in grass) to scout around.
-Passive HP increase. We have passive armor increase and attack increase, why not a passive HP increase?
-Blinding effect - results in a character losing the ability to see around their character
- Disabling a single skill - disables a random single skill. Think of this as a nerfed silence effect. Maybe make it be able to get around stuff like Rourke or Kilgroth’s skills.
- Mana restoring skills - so far supports can’t restore mana for teammates which prevents from long term team excursions.

As you can see there are many new ideas to try instead of resorting to the same old troupes. While not all of the ideas on the list are creative and viable, I reckon a few are pretty decent and worth more than a reskinned [Insert AOV Character].

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