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Please nerf Natalya.

UnovaFreak| UnovaFreak 7/24/2018 17:13:55
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I personally think that Natalya's getting really ridiculous to fight, and I really don't think that it has anything to do with how skilled I am. I'll explain the situation. I go into a fight with her as the enemy (I chose Lauriel) and she kills me as soon as the game starts when I barely get to the first mid tower, singlehandedly. She's already at level four within the first few minutes, and continues to mow me down no matter what I do once I respawn (I was at about 3-4 deaths at that point). I can barely even get out of tower range before she stuns me and proceeds to oneshot me. My friend that I was playing with also witnessed this, and commented that all she had to do was stun you and then she can kill you instantly without anyone else's help way too early in the game. He also informed me that Natalya has been getting buffed every patch for possibly unecessary reasons.

Is anyone else having this problem with her, or is it just me?
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Use magic

Agustin-Elam| Agustin-Elam 7/28/2018 12:56:20
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A mi tambien me pasa en ocaciones
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From_Hell| From_Hell 8/3/2018 23:05:17
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Edited by From_Hell at 10/10/2018 05:51 PM

I don’t want to be mean, but it is just you. Natalya is known as a top tier combo mage. Meaning, as soon as she casts a single spell that doesn’t hit you, she is wide open to get rekt. Other mages can do this too (Liliana and Azzen’Ka for example). Tips are don’t charge them head on (this is a bad approach against almost any hero for that matter) and harass from a distance. As lauriel wait in the grass and hit her with a skill before blinking away. Try a lot of hit and run. Focus on killing minions and less on attacking Natalya. Simply put avoid Natalya’s attacks. Her stunning orb moves like molasses so unless you are at point blank range it’s fairly simple to dodge.

Recommended hero’s:

Grakk and Azzen’Ka can out range her. Krixi and Khali can too. Wisp and Violet have a longer range too. Add Fennik and Yorn to the list I guess too along with Telaness.

Lindis can avoid her easily.

Kilgroth and Rourke can run her over in a head on assault. Flash can also assassinate her head on.

Joker can blow her up before she does anything if you ambush her. Raz can also kill her before she can do anything if you ambush her.

Taraa, Astrid, Art, Thane, Xeniel, and [Insert Tank Here] can literally ignore her for the most part. Built properly she really doesn’t do enough damage to kill you 100% of the time and you should have enough health to get away if anything....
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