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Mages in AOV

Mintwarlock| Mintwarlock 6/13/2018 04:34:42
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Edited by Mintwarlock at 6/13/2018 04:34 AM

I have always played mages/wizards in almost all games I did because that's the particular playstyle I'm used to.

However, AOV's mages are severely underpowered. Is this intentional?

Almost all mages are in the lower tiers. The lowest tiered character is Veera, in almost all fora that I've seen. The only meta mages are mage/assasins, which mostly require the character to be close the the enemy. Three mages are control mages, yet a lot of characters like Murad and Zill are immune to CC while they ult. It seems that all meta characters have some sort of a blink-like skill, even mages like Zill and Tulen.

Other mages, like harass or CC mages don't even really do their job that well. The cooldown is really slow; mages are very weak normal attackers compared to all other classes. They can't even withsand 1v1 battles in general because they move at a glacial pace. The scenarios in which they shine are not commonplace, especially not in higher ranked games. Other MOBA games don't really care if you have two mages in a team, but I've always heard "one mage only" during picking only in AOV, because they are always deemed too weak compared to others.

I seriously would suggest that you buff the mages. I would always understand a tier list, and that some characters would be better than others in certain situations, but at the very least make the mages a decent, enjoyable class. Perhaps reduce cooldowns, or reduce mana cost. It's so tiring to be a mage in AOV, and it's not fun for me trying other characters. I've played this game less and less ever since the meta has always been to have characters which all have blink abilities, and mages not being able to tear them alone.
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