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Alice Nerfed?

Enygma| Enygma 5/27/2018 06:51:22
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Alice was nerfed badly this last patch to the point where she is now unplayable. Sunshine hardly does any duration stun now as well as damage. Friendship hardly does any movement increase at all any mor for an extended period and of course the shield hardly ever did anything anyways. Lastly Hissy Fit does almost nothing to decrease movement anymore. All in all being a character whose only payable attribute was control, you’ve effectively made her unplayable. Unfortunately I wasted a lot time playing her and now she is nerfed to oblivion.   Also the new “animation improvement” has made sunshine’s timing even slower to cast. To the point that I now have to take a wild arse guess where a player is going and hope sunshine hits. All in all she is total crap now after “balancing “. Please look at fixing her again as she wasn’t widely played and was fun to play.
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Dianne| Dianne 5/27/2018 21:49:06
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I don't think she is unusable but i agree that some changes were unnecesary. Namely that hissy fit got an extra small delay before it takes effect.

For somebody with little to no damage or tanking power, she kind of needs her CC abilities to be as efficient as possible and even a 0.2 seconds additional delay could be the difference between outrunning a wild Zanis or getting brutally impaled and gives running away enemies a more forgiving opportunity window to get out of the area before the slow and silence takes effect.

As for friendship, i do think it could benefit for a small buff. The speed buff dies if the barrier goes down and said barrier it is so weak that if you're already engaging the enemy it does little to work as a escape tool. Either separating the speed buff from the barrier or increasing barrier potency would be nice.
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