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GCS Proleague Coach Aydan's Comprehensive Guide to Violet

JT_Aydan| JT_Aydan 5/11/2018 04:21:27
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Violet is a marksman and reaper in the game settings, therefore she is also low on HP and easily targeted like all other marksmen, such as Yorn and The Joker. The main advantages that Violet possess are the mobility and damage her first skill gives, which results in her high pick and win rate in ranked games and in the proleague alike. The difference between a skilled Violet player and a noob is the direction and timing of the first skill. The elite Violet players use her first skill to evade harm and keep a safe distance between enemies trying to assassinate. If you roll towards the enemy instead, then there is a high chance that you will be sent straight home!

Below is my experience with Violet, and some tips on how to master her:

1        Position
Violet is most often chosen as jungler, because she can quickly increase her experience and gold while pushing other lanes to advance creep lanes. Another reason is because it is harder to be killed when playing as jungler compared to staying on one lane. Violet goes hard on mana, so she relies greatly on the blue buff to recover mana and reduce cooldown time. All these allow Violet to increase her damage and frequency of her first skill.

2        Skills
Upgrade your first ability at Lv.1 and max that out first. Upgrade your ult whenever possible.
For Talents I recommend Punish or Flicker
Punish: The only choice for junglers.
Flicker: Choose Flicker if you are going to stay in one lane, this can increase your survival rate and gives you more space for putting in that last shot or retreating.

3        Techniques
Early Game:
Violet is strong before Lv.4 and also in the late game. This is because her first skill is extra deadly when all heroes are only Lv.1, and because her firing range is really long, it is hard to dodge in group fights. But after everyone has gotten to Lv.4, she gets weaker until gathering all her items in late game. If you know how to fire through impassable terrains to avoid being attacked, you can keep safe while still dealing a whole lot of damage. Cooperate with your support and other teammates, and never ever go unaware into bushes or rush to the front of a battle, because you could vanish less than a second if targeted by enemy assassins. Steadily take down enemy turrets and monsters in the jungle to speed yourself into the late game, when you can max out your equipment and skills. Once you assemble all your item build, then you can start the slaughter.

TIP #1: Try to keep monsters in a straight line as you sweep through the jungle to maximize your first skill’s pierce damage, that way you can increase your speed and efficiency and get to Lv.4 faster. Use your first skill at 00:26 in the game to hit it as it is born, so you can use it a second time and fast forward the whole jungling process. Basically you can finish your first round of monsters at around 1:30 and level up to Lv.4, you can refer to the video in the comments here.

TIP #2: Keep in mind that as a marksman, “Always attack the closest enemy”. Do not even think of marking the enemies in the rear, that is the assassin’s job. If you still try to kill the rear enemies even though there are numerous tanks before you, then you will definitely die faster than the enemy.

TIP #3: After a few nerfs and alterations, Violet’s first skill has to hit an enemy “hero” in order to reduce cool down time. So she uses up mana faster and clears minions slower compared to older patches. Try to hit enemies as you clear minions while avoiding blows from them.

TIP #4: Your ult is best suited for reaping and clearing monsters and minions because of its long distance and quick CD.

4        Arcanas
All marksmen need attack speed and life steal to increase jungling efficiency. These abilities also allow marksmen to kill enemy tanks easier in the late game. Therefore I recommend the following arcanas for Violet:
RED: Blitz 3 - Attack Speed: 1.6%, Critical Chance: 0.5%
PURPLE: Reave 3 x5 and Assassinate 3 x5 - Life Steal: 1.6% / Attack Damage: 1.6, Movement Speed: 1
GREEN: Skewer 3 - Attack Damage: 0.9, Armor Pierce: 6.4
You can also use Guerrilla if you prefer.

5        Item Build
There are 2 sets of item builds that I suggest for Violet as jungler, you can choose which one you prefer:
Soulreaver / Scorching Wind
War Boots
Omni Arms
Fenrir’s Tooth
The Soulreaver reduces cooldown and increases physical damage, allowing Violet to deal even higher damage in shorter periods of time. Scorching Wind, on the other hand, grants Violet better survival chances with its attack speed and life steal abilities. Its passive also allows Violet to poke a bit more damage with its magic ability power.

That’s all for now! You can comment below if you have any questions/request, I’ll try to reply to them all, and please like me on facebook if this article helped you!
My FB fanpage: JT Aydan

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