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Butterfly ridiculously overpowered!!!!

Brad_Bate| Brad_Bate 5/7/2018 12:24:34 From the mobile phone
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Is the developer of this game a feminist or something. It is redicilous. Why would you overpower a character that much. It is impossible to play against even if you are tank. And compare her with Nakroth. Ult of Nakroth is 12 time weaker, needs to be aimed which is mostly impossible and even doesnt slow down the enemy onstead it freezes Nakroth himself for 3 seconds. What are these developers  were trying to do???
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Use magic

Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/9/2018 13:56:32
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Edited by Rongaulius at 5/9/2018 02:08 PM

There are many heroes who can fight against Butterfly, or at least escape her.  It's all in your tactics, or lack of same.

You mentioned Yorn, so I'm guessing he's one of your favorites.  Okay; forget about Yorn.  Try learning a tank such as Grakk or Mina, one with good CC ability.  Cresht is another good tank, and so is Taara though these two have much less CC.  However Cresht's ult makes him almost unkillable for about seven seconds, and Taara's ult makes her almost unkillable, period.  

Otherwise, there are several good warriors who stand a more than fair chance of living through a duel with Butterfly.  Astrid's Ult and Passive are both very strong abilities that significantly boost her survivability.  Stay out of the jungle and focus on the lanes.  Wonder Woman is another good one with a strong CC/damaging Ult, but she needs a bit more help from her team than Astrid. And Ormarr, if built as a warrior with focus on armor-pierce, is very tough for Butterfly to take down solo.

Now, as far as assassins go, Kriknak is pretty much the most dangerous assassin I've played.  Plus his mobility allows him to swap lanes faster than any other assassin, and his burst DPS far outclasses Butterfly under most circumstances.  Butterfly's passive is strong, but in sheer damage dealt to ONE target, Krik is stronger.  And that holds true in 1v1; Kriknak will defeat Butterfly more often than not in a duel.

Lastly, most players don't realize that their strongest weapon isn't the hero they're using.  It's their team.  Use your teammates to win duels!  I have to laugh when players taunt their enemies after getting killed; they'll make fun of them for needing three teammates to kill one enemy.  Well, last I checked that one enemy wasn't the one who walked away from the fight.  This isn't 1v1; it's 5v5.  If you're trying to kill the whole enemy team solo, you're doing it wrong.

Use your teammates, let them use you.  That's how to win.  Not by carrying the team yourself.  The only time any hero, Butterfly or otherwise, can solo carry a team?  When the opposition has no clue how to work together.
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Use magic

DjTheMask| DjTheMask 5/9/2018 10:33:34
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Dear Brad_Bate,

Butterfly has already been nerfed in the past. She is not overpowered at all, it is all about finding the way how to interrupt her farm and always have a hero that counters Butterfly like for example Joker.

When Joker uses he's second ability he becomes immune to psychical damage. When this ability is used at the right moment you can avoid full damage of Butterfly's ultimate, counter and easily kill her.

Kind Regards
DJTM - Development Team
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