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Login issues and wrong punishment

el.gekon| el.gekon 4/18/2018 07:16:23
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First of all - I like this game, but with new updates is more and more difficult play or even login. If 1 game ppl can not even login and 1 other game i can play without issues - guess which one ppl will play.

I'm facing problems with the running of the app for the last few days. The game starts, then falls, then you can not log in. If you can log in, you can not run an allready running match. And than you got punishment. So fix these issues and balance all denial gains of my in the last days, since the new big update. Expecially last two games was awful. Thank You.

System messages in the Mail:

3 days - 18:23 on 2018/04/15 - did not earn exp n gold and -5 credit scrore + brave points, ranked match points, etc.
- I have no such game in my Combat History in this time.

2 days - unable to claim the highest bonus to the weekly reward because your creditibility score is below 96.
- Thanks to bad game running / server running.

2 days - idle for an extended period of time ... 20:43 on 2018/01/16 - exp n gold n -3 creditibility
- game crashed and than i could not start / login to game. Just rolling googleplay on n on or watching new loading screen at 0%.

today - "unable to claim the highest bonus the weekly reward - below 96."
- so make it correct because my C. Score should be at 100%.

today - suspension warning - your creditibility score has been deducted due to afk or going offline during recent games. you may receive punishments ...
- same thing - game crashed.

today - since you were reported by multiple players during a battle at 20:43 on 2018/04/16 ..... -6 points

- same thing - game crashed.

And now - "You are not permitted to join a ranked match because your creditibilty score is below 90."

Last 2 games:

20:23 04/15/2018 - game crashed. Than i was not able to login into game. Stucks at 0% on the new loading screen.

22:43 040/16/2018 - game crashed. Than it took very long time to get in menu. Than loading took twice loading at 100%. Than game crashed. I tried it again mby 3 times. Same result.

So check my history, check your log files, and make it right. I am sure that you can see how many times i tried login into game on n on. I thought that server was down. But if other players could play ... than issue can be elsewhere.

And other fail - Why is game loading and after login - it is loading again? Some times it stuck at 0% and even if it works, it takes much longer time than in previous version.

.....Right now the game crashed in the menu viewing mailbox.

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Use magic

el.gekon|  Author| el.gekon 5/7/2018 10:13:42
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19 days and nothing
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Use magic

zazzer| zazzer 5/10/2018 10:03:29
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Hey el.gekon,

I apologize for missing this post! I can definitely understand your frustration here.

Have you contacted our Support team? If not, you can reach them in game via the Settings menu or by emailing

They can look closer at your account and provide some more background for you.

The current reporting and credibility system is something we are taking a closer look at. Even if no changes are incoming in the near future, we aim to provide some more information about how it all works so that there is no confusion amongst anyone.

Global Community Manager
Arena of Valor
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