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3 guest character concepts

Anthony_Cao| Anthony_Cao 3/11/2018 16:43:15 From the mobile phone
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Hello SpamGod TeeMee main lord 2Janna1Challice here. Here to provide 3 guest characters who could have potential to appear in the game.
All 3 characters are a piece of Warner Bros, where DC is being held.

Zatanna - DC
Shes a magical girl, she got magic and stuff.
Mage, Trickster playstyle
Passive - when its 10 seconds out of combat disguise her health to be quarter health.
1. Tornado
Summons a tornado trap at a given location, upon stepping on the trap, the enemy will be knocked up and held in an invulnerable possition for 3 seconds. (They will take the damage of what the attack dealt but cannot take any more damage till they hit the floor)
2. Disguise - Zatanna can transform into the nearest target to her, using another ability turns her back to normal. Standing at a empty jungle camp turns her into that jungle monster.
3. Party Time - Zatanna transforms every player into her. Only the enemies will see everyone becoming her, grants a new crowd control debuff, friendly fire for 5 seconds... Enemies can attack each other.
If an enemy killed another enemy player in this mode Zatanna will get the kill.

Alphonse Elric - FullMetal Alchemist
Passive - hollow suit.
Taking damage Alphonse will drop his head, stunning every enemy near Alphonse for half a second. Picking up the head resets this ability. Wile Alphonse head is off allies that walk into Alphonse gets a piggy back ride. Basic attack or using any ability allows the player to get off of Alphonse.

1. Spike Wall - summons a spike wall that lasts for 5 seconds. Enemies that attack near the spike wall takes damage. Range attacks that hits the spike wall takes magic damage also.

2. Taunt statue - place a statue that taunts all basic attacks twards that direction the statue stands.

3. Repair - Makes a temporary turret at s downed turret location or jungle camp. Lasts 20 seconds. Cooldown 90 seconds

Bugs Bunny - Warner Bros.
Passive - Carrots
Carrots can spawn all over the map every 30 seconds. Maximum 20 carrots can be out at a time. Bugs and allies can pick up the carrots for a 3 second 20% speed boost and 5 gold. If Bugs picks it up, bugs will then get a 10% health regenerated.
Carrots will only spawn in allies half of the map.

1. Painted walls - makes an invisible wall on any pathway. Allies can walk freely threw the pathway but enemies cannot.

2.  Animated bomb - places a TnT at a location, pressing 2 again explodes the TnT. Dealing magic damage to every enemy in the radius.

3. Bugs Tunnel.
Places a whole on the floor. Enemies that step threw the whole takes damage and the whole will close... Placing a second whole at another location turns the whole into a transportation portal. Allies that stands in the hole for 5 seconds gets instantly transported to the other whole.
Leveling this skill increases distance and damage.
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Use magic

From_Hell| From_Hell 3/13/2018 22:15:58
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I think there would be a slight issue of glitches/trolling/lagging the game. In addition, there may be copyright issues with using Alephonse

Shifting into another form for Zatanna and spamming that skill would most likely cause some really weird glitches and contribute to lag as it would likely slow down the server. This wouldn’t hurt Zatanna or her team (since the animation wouldn’t change for them), but this can lag/glitch/kick the opposing team is used frequently...

For Alephonse, the piggy back riding would be an issue if multiple allies are near by (especially if they are all really close together) and are hit by a cc effect. The damage would trigger his ability....and if multiple allies are nearby, would they all glitch into him? His ability seems to effect minions too, so would they just be trapped in him until he dies? What happens if Alephonse dies while giving a piggy back? Does everyone die? Not to mention, his first ability of spike wall would be either useless (doesn’t do any real damage) or broken as ADC or Mages on the back lines would be damaged be forced to choose between dying from heavy “revenge damage” or not participating in team fights.

For Bugs Bunny, having two in a  game would be a headache. The constant carrot animation alone would ensure lag and confusion as player’s might have difficulty telling the carrots apart. His first ability would give rise to grieving and trolling to no end and his last ability seems like a formula for attempting to cause the game to crash. Multiple holes would cause chaos since how would the transport location be verified? In addition, this skill seems like it has great potential to troll ones own team mates by placing a hole in spawn and another in front of your base that the enemies are attacking and transporting healing, injured teammates straight into CC effects....

I hope this doesn’t quench your creativity or courage to advocate for new ideas. They are refreshing, but have issues that would need resolving.  

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