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Balance Changes - March 8, 2018

zazzer| zazzer 2/23/2018 15:14:09
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Update: These balance changes have been delayed and will now release on Thursday, March 8 at 08:00 UTC.


We will be implementing new balance changes to some heroes on Tuesday, February 27 for all servers. This will not require the download of a new version via the App Store or Google Play.

TeeMee, The Stalwart
Ability 1 - Pooty Poots
- Decreased longest stun duration from 2 seconds --> 1.5 seconds

Ability 3 - Being a Bro
- HP recovered from resurrection decreased from 2000/3000/4000 (+2.5AP) --> 2000/2750/3500 (+2.5AP)
- Cooldown time increased from 60/55/50 seconds --> 70/60/50 seconds

Designer Notes: TeeMee as a support is a bit too strong - they can help teammates earn additional Gold, resurrect allies, and utilize some of the best control in the game. TeeMee's Ability 1 and 2 create an extremely strong opener in team fights, shutting down an opponent's ability to fight back. We've reduced the stun duration on Pooty Poots to give the enemy more time to defend themselves as well as increase the cooldown and lower the amount of HP recovered with the resurrection of Being a Bro.

Violet, The Pistol Assassin
Passive - Reload
- Cooldown Reduction made by normal attacks against minions and monsters decreased from 0.5 seconds --> 0.25 seconds
(still 0.5 seconds for normal attacks made on enemy Heroes)
Ability 1 - Tactical Fire
- Mana Cost decreased from 50/55/60/65/70/75 --> 45/50/55/60/65/70

Designer Notes: Violet has been shown to consistently outperform other Marksmen based on her combination of mobility and the ability to shut down enemies and jungle. Her appearance affected the number of other Marksmen, Assassins, and Warriors in a team's composition, so we hope that toning down her passive will balance out the speed at which she can jungle, to give her a chance to assist more in lane fights and taking down the Abyssal Dragon.

Moren, The Technowiz
Ability 1 - Tactical Maneuver
- Mana Cost decreased from 35 --> 30

Chaugnar, The Herald of the Void
Ability 2 - Shockwave
- Fixed a bug that caused 130% damage on the initial hit

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