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Coming to India?

Enzo| Enzo 2/11/2018 13:14:40 From the mobile phone
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When will i be able to play AOV in India without my png above 200ms
You see,i liked this game and in my opinion it has a lot of potential to outshine  Mobile Legends, that's why I've been playing this game even when all my friends are playing ML.

However, unfortunately for me,as I live in one of the backwarded countries such as India, I can't play it full time with high ms, I've been playing this game for 8 months thinking its almost released in my Country,but its not coming is it?

I enjoy this game very much and would love to play it without high ms,but i promised myself last year that if it still isn't launched in new year,than I will leave it for ML,and here I am,even after 1 and a half months in 2018, I'm still playing it which I really think shows just how much i liked the game

But it gets to a point where it gets ridiculous,I mean while you guys are bragging on and on about how much you want to improve the game before you launch it,the devs of ML are also working hard to improve their game as well.

So as much as I liked the game,I can't invest all my time on a game which will not be launched any time soon and which is not even sure to catch up to the already top dog MOBA in a country(ML)

That's why I wanna ask you when will I be able to play it in India,or if you even have any plans for releasing here at all,and please give me an honest opinion and not those 'we are working very hard,please be patient' bullshit.

So please reply and let me move on to another game if you're not launching here any time soon.

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Use magic

creepy7666| creepy7666 2/14/2018 04:07:13
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im also waiting long time
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Use magic

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