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[Hero Spotlight@MARKSMAN] Slimz Detailed Skill Analysis

Admin| Admin 10/10/2017 05:02:49
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Slimz Ability Strategies

Hero Intro


Hero's name:  Slimz
Class:  Marksman
Hero Characteristics:  As a Marksman who relies on normal attack output, Slimz' skills are mostly supportive and self-preserving in nature.

Attack Speed is the core of Slimz' equipment. The extended range control of his first ability is also his only control skill. Cost effects are decent, but speed in one direction is a bit slow, so hit rate is reduced. He's weaker when facing many enemies at once, but can be quite powerful in one-on-one battles.

[Ability Analysis]


Piercing (Passive): The third attack's piercing effect will cause 1.3x damage to the target and enemies behind the target. This greatly increases Slimz' ability to clear waves of soldiers in initial stages, when he is lacking range output skills.

Flying Spear (First Ability): Slimz' only control skill. It can stun enemies for a maximum of 2.5 seconds, which is enough for teammates to make the kill. When enemies want to cross the tower to attack you, and you have the defense tower's attack range, the first ability's stun effect can help initiate a counterattack. Hit heroes can then get a 50% boost in Attack Speed, giving Slimz a clear advantage when battling with other solo Marksmen.

Leap of Vitality (Second Ability): A mobile escape ability. Using it will increase attack damage and it can be utilized to quickly cross terrain to avoid pursuit by Assassins.

Savage Potion (Third Ability): An ability that can greatly enhance Slimz' normal attack. In latter stages, pair it with some Attack Speed equipment and the first ability’s Attack Speed effect to deliver maximum output. Kills and assist kills will extend its duration, giving Slimz decent finishing abilities.

[Hero Ability Point Adding]
Focus on the first ability. Add to the third ability when you can. Then fill up the second ability.


I recommend that you focus primarily on the first ability. By using the extended range advantage of this ability in initial stages, you can crouch in the jungle and ambush the enemy, gradually consuming their HP to pressure them. Once the ability is fully upgraded, it will have a very decent cooldown period, which can increase frequency of enemy harassment. If you are controlled, you can join with a teammate to easily make the kill; The third ability is essential for someone like Slimz who depends on his output. After it is activated, he becomes a veritable tank. Fighting requires much less effort. The second ability is mainly used to evade enemy pursuits. If you focus on adding to the second ability only to add physical damage and use it first during a battle, it's easy for you to be blocked in by an Assassin. That is why it is best to fill it up last so you can use it to support yourself and escape. Pursuit also carries a nice effect.

[Hero Ability Combos]
First Ability - Third Ability - Normal Attack (While Third Ability is in effect) - Second Ability.


It’s a very bad idea to use Slimz’ second ability first in a fight. The extended range of his first ability is better utilized to consume and control the enemy. Even once the enemy is under control, do not be too eager to use the second ability. Go forward and stay in our output area, then activate the third ability to launch a frenzy of normal attacks. Finally, use the second ability based on the situation. If the enemy is wounded and escapes, you can use the second ability to pursue them before the enemy reinforcements arrive; If the enemy reinforcements are already too close and you have to abandon the pursuit, the second ability can be reversed to ensure that you can escape safely.

[Gameplay Summary]

Slimz' output abilities are relatively high, but because of the output mechanism, he can only take one target at a time and will struggle when facing many enemies. That is why it is best to be protected by teammates to secure the output area. Still, Slimz is strong in battle. The crucial first ability shouldn't be forced: if the enemy escapes it you won't get the attack speed bonus. In a situation like this, you can change the target to a monster or minion instead.With practice, and if you can ensure a high Hit rate against heroes, Slimz will become a powerful asset in your hands with this 25% attack speed bonus!

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