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Jungle needs some improvement

Sparr126| Sparr126 10/7/2017 04:31:40 From the mobile phone
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Actually jungle give a lot of gold and experience and this is right is extremly easy to do even for other hero and not only for the jungler.
And this is really annoyng,every game that i play my team steal half jungle and i can't do full route to reach lv 4.
This isn't worth at all because i can't farm gold exp and jungle is the only way to farm for a jungler,i cant reach lv4 early,  i can't gank and rush dragon...
If your team steal your jungle you fall behind and become useless.
So i have some suggestion to prevent this:
-reduce damage to monster and increase the damage taked if you don't have jungle item (to make buffs impossible to at earlier level for other heroes)
-increase monster hp but increase damage to monster if you have jumgle item( this will not change anything for junglers,but it will make the jungle more difficult for other heroes)

Most players don't think that  creeps and stacks are extremly important for the jungler...
If adc continuos steal your jungle and even buffs this is an immediate advantage for it...but insane disvantage for his jungler  that can't do anything and if he don't want fall behind he need stole minions to the laners...So,steal jungle penilize ALL the team.

Pls give me your opinion and consider my suggestions.
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Use magic

Admin| Admin 10/8/2017 01:40:28
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Sooooo appreciate your advice about that! But in my own opinion, We want our players to battle with the heros so that the game will be more excited and fast, that makes us enjoy the fighting in game. But anyway, it's only my personal view, hope we can invite you to join our [talk with develop] to talk with our design team hahahah!
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