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[6/20-6/26] Free Hero Rotation

Joseph| Joseph 6/19/2017 01:35:34
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0619 FHR.jpg

Here is this week's FREE HERO ROTATION, where we make six Heroes in Strike of Kings available to play for free. Which one do you like?

Every week we have six different heroes unlocked for you to try FREE today! For this rotation, we have Gildur, Ormarr, Nakroth, Violet, Kahlii and Diao Chan. Check out the following overview of each Hero below:


The Touch (Passive) - The fourth normal attack in succession will knock back frontal targets and deal Magic DMG. Using any skills will generate a brief shield effect.
Siege - Gildur charges forward with his golden fists, dealing Phys. DMG to enemies in his path.
Miser - Gildur throws molten gold to stun and cause Magic DMG to all enemies in range.
Debauchery (Ultimate) - Gildur summons golden shards that stun and cause Magic DMG to every enemy they hit.


Deterrence (Passive)
All damage has a chance to stun the target and deal Phys. DMG equal to a % of the target's current HP. (4s CD)
Ormarr dashes forward and the next normal attack becomes a heavy strike, which deals Phys. DMG.
Ormarr bashes the ground with his hammer to deal Phys. DMG to enemies within range and slowing their Mov. Speed. Each hit will add 1 stack and trigger Deterrence to Stun the target after the 3rd stack.
Walking Tall (Ultimate)
Ormarr swirls his weapon with both hands to deal Phys. DMG to enemies within range each time he hits them.


Dread Judge (Passive)
Every fourth normal attack sends a target flying. Once the target is free, your ATK Speed is increased by 50%.
Jury Fury
Nakroth lunges forward and sends a target flying, dealing Phys. DMG. This skill can be reused 5 sec. after its first use.
Double Whammy
Nakroth flips backwards and the next normal attack within 3 sec. becomes a horizontal sweep that deals Phys. DMG.
Judgment's Blade (Ultimate)
Nakroth swings his blades against in-range enemies causing Phys. DMG every round. He cannot be impaired. The last attack sends enemies flying.


Reload (Passive) - Normal attacks reduce Tactical Fire's Cooldown by 0.5 sec.
Tactical Fire - Violet rolls forward and equips a rocket launcher. Her next normal attack fires a projectile at an increased range, dealing Phys. DMG to enemies in a straight line. After the attack, she will switch back to her revolvers and retain the increased range for one more attack. Tactical Fire also yields a brief Mov. Speed bonus if there are enemy heroes nearby after rolling.
Fire in the Hole - Violet throws grenades at enemies in range, which cause Phys. DMG and slow their Mov. Speed for 1s.
Concussive Rounds (Ultimate) - Violet fires Concussive Rounds at in-range enemies, causing Phys. DMG.


Damnation (Passive) - Normal attacks carry a penetration effect that deals Magic DMG.
Eternal Blame - Kahlii summons a wraith that will cause Magic DMG every 0.5 sec to all enemies in range and slow their Mov. Speed for 2 sec. The slow effect can stack up to 5 times.
Incorporeal- Kahlii absorbs the power of the wraith so that her Magic ATK is strengthened and her Mov. Speed is increased for 60 sec.
Grievance - Kahlii unleashes her frenzied vengeance on enemies. Within 5 sec, she summons 55 waves of wraiths that continuously attack enemies ahead. Each wave deals Magic DMG. This skill deals 10% more damage against monsters.

Diao Chan

Ice Queen (Passive)
Frozen enemies take extra Magic DMG.
Chilling Frost
Diao Chan attacks with frost, dealing Magic DMG to enemies within the area and slowing their Mov. Speed.
Diamond Dust
After a short delay, Diao Chan freezes and deals Magic DMG to enemies within the area.
Blizzard (Ultimate)
Diao Chan summons a Blizzard, dealing Magic DMG to enemies within the area and slowing their Mov. Speed with each hit. She also gains 600 Phys. DEF.
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Antonius1| Antonius1 12/2/2017 23:48:13 From the mobile phone
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Hey guys i cannot get the Champion MINA and cannot buy her, too. Can you please fix this bug, because i want to play her
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