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GCS Proleague Coach Aydan's Comprehensive Guide to TeeMee

JT_Aydan| JT_Aydan 4/10/2018 00:50:02
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TeeMee is one of the most frequently chosen supports in GCS and also a hero I’m especially fond of. TeeMee’s ability to restrict enemy positioning in the early game, extremely annoying stunning skill andresurrection ultimate makes it the best bro you can get. I highly recommend TeeMee to those of you interested in support roles.
1 Position
TeeMee is identified as a support/tankofficially, but with his inability to get really tanky, I think he’s betterclassified as an assassin type support. He can restrict the enemy’s positioneffectively with his first skill (long stun time) and second skill (also acontrol skill). In the middle/late game, he can get your enemies on their toeswith a Flicker + stun combo that can cripple their back row heroes or simply providea sturdy protection for your own teammates.

2 Skills
Upgrade your first skill when the game starts,max this skill out first, and don’t forget to up your ult whenever possibile.
Talent Choice: Flicker or Heal
Flicker: Having an additional teleport skillallows TeeMee to get close to and control enemy units fast, it also givesTeeMee extra mobility to reach teammates in need of resurrection quickly.
Heal: If your team already has enough assassinheroes and you lack more protective skills, you can take Heal to provide alarge advantage in HP.

3 Techniques
Use your first skill to reach the bushes besidethe river before your opponents and start building up the gas unseen in thegrass as the initial wave of creeps appears. Then rush out to stun both thecreeps and the opponent, that way you can ensure your teammate gets to Lv.2before the enemy does while effectively suppressing his HP at the same time.
After that, your actions should differ accordingto the heroes you have in your team. If you do not need to initiate an attack,try sticking next to the main damage producer in your team and stun anyassassin or tank that tries to catch him. If you need to call an attack,utilize bushes and your first skill + second skill combo to take enemies bysurprise. Don’t forget that TeeMee is not a true tank, so remember to put adistance between you and the enemy after stunning them to prevent being takenout after the effect fades. It would be a pity to use your ult only to saveyour own skin!
TIP: Never, ever seep up experience from thelane, especially from the first wave of minions. If you hinder your teammatefrom getting to Lv.2, you may jeopardize the lane and even cause your team tosuffer a bad situation in early game.

4 Arcanas
TeeMee’s first skill hurts a lot if allowed tobuild long enough. Raise your ability damage and magic pierce with arcanas tostrengthen yourself in the early game during ganks and pokes. Supplement thosewith normal support arcanas.
RED: Violate 3 - Ability Power: 4.2, MagicPierce: 2.4
PURPLE: Benevolence 3 - Ability Power: 45, Hp 5sec: 5.2, Movement Speed: 0.4%
GREEN: Valiance 3 - Max HP: 37.5, CooldownSpeed: 0.6%

5 Item Build
When facing an enemy team with high physical damage (Ex: Violet, Yorn,Lubu…etc.)
Sonic Boots
(Knight’s Plate)
Asterion’s Buckler
Gaia’s Standard
Mail of Pain
*Shield of the Lost
Ancestral Glory
When facing an enemy team with high magic damage (Ex: Tulen, Zill…etc.)
Gilded Greaves
(Belt of Clarity)
Asterion’s Buckler
*Gaia’s Standard
Medallion of Troy
Shield of the Lost
Ancestral Glory
P.S. Items shown in parenthesis are boughttemporarily, the long term goal is to buy the item shown with an asterisk. Sothe total amount of items is still 6!

That’s all for now! You can comment below if you have any questions/request, I’ll try to reply to them all, and please like me on facebook if this article helped you!
My FB fanpage: JT Aydan

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