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Love Sworn: Worst Event in NA Yet

MsRex| MsRex 2/13/2018 15:48:41 From the mobile phone
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I was extremely excited for the release of Tel’Annas. I immediately fell in love with the character once I saw her gameplay and learned how her skills worked. I was hoping this event would be like the Wonder Woman event, in which you could just spend time to do the event and unlock the character OR you could spend money to buy her and her skin. However, Love Sworn turned out to be the opposite. It has been a disappointment. The only way to acquire the Love Sworn skin is to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the game. There is no option for those of us who are financially limited. On top of that, the event turned out to be extremely buggy. I played so many 5v5 games with Tel’Annas yesterday, and won, and I can’t redeem to get my gems because the button doesn’t register that I completed the requirement. I also shared Tel’Annas on Facebook when I got her, even received a confirmation by the game that it was shared, and I can’t redeem that either. What’s the point of the event?

It would have been so much different if we were allowed to claim hearts by winning 5v5s each day. Maybe then there’d be a chance, even though 120 hearts still feels like a bit much. On top of that, it doesn’t even work properly. If this game is going to just be more events like this, I’m not going to be motivated to keep playing. This event has asked for too much from the players and given us unreachable goals. I am not going to empty my wallet for this. I’m extremely disappointed.
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Crixus| Crixus 2/13/2018 16:10:01
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Edited by Crixus at 2/13/2018 04:11 PM

I have to agree with you on this one. I was extremely disappointed to see that Arthur's skin could only be bought and Tel'Annas skin requires way too many event currency to obtain. On top of that, the only way you would even get enough event currency for it seems to be from BUYING chests!? I thought that the Valentine's Quest rewards would reset every day for a chance to gather enough currency... just logged in today to see that wasn't the case! If the Tel'Annas skin costs 120 currency, how are we only able to earn 9 currency from the quest rewards...? A total of 20 by logging in for the Valentine's Gift rewards... That's not even close to enough!

I was under the impression that most of these Free to Play games were required by law to give players at least a CHANCE to acquire paid content for free. I could be wrong, but I do recall reading that somewhere online.
Valentines Day is already a dissapointing day in my life. I don't need to be dissapointed in the virtual world too. Lol!
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MetalEyez| MetalEyez 2/14/2018 05:01:18
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The same for me , I was on my way just to put a Thread about this and I found yours !

Its really made me so upset and angry about this event , Tel'Annas is my main hero for like 2 months now , and Paid to get her the Second Skin and It was fine with me , And then I found that will get a new skin to her on this Event but WTH its so damn Hard to do all that and Get it !!

and even with pay money who will get it if you cant buy it !!

I dont know what the Develop team with Mange team doing on this game , I swear since am playing this game I've never get any things out of this game , even tho that am paying from time to time for it !

But day after day am thinking about found another game that at less will be fair !
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Crixus| Crixus 2/16/2018 14:48:25
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I was even more let down because Arthur is my #1 favorite unit to play as. When I heard he was getting a new event skin, I was pumped! Pay only... not pumped any more!
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