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[Hero Spotlight@MAGE] Veera, Harvester of Souls

Admin| Admin 10/8/2017 02:45:46
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Veera is an assassin type mage who excels at single target burst and control. She can summon demonic allies to defeat her enemies. Veera is best played in mid lane so she can level up faster and punish enemies who covet her beauty.


Hero: Veera
Class: Mage
Specialty: Herald


Skill Analysis: Veera's passive skill "Come Hither" decreases the target's Magic Defense. With her ability to destroy enemies quickly, this is a very useful skill. Her first skill "Hell Bat" deals a great amount of damage, plus it has great range and low cooldown. It can be used to harass, but make sure to level up this skill so it remains viable.
The second skill "Kisses" stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds, it’s usually used to start off combos. “Little Friends” is a multi-stage group attack with high damage. However, using it on the same enemy will decrease its power. It's worth noting that the trajectory of the second and third skills are rather slow, so enemies might be able to outrun them.

Skill Combo: Veera’s “Kisses” skill can first be used to control the enemy. Afterwards you can use “Hell Bat” and “Kisses” again in succession.
Challenger Skill Suggestion: “Flicker” gives Veera the ability to teleport, allowing her to get out of harm’s way while she waits for her skills to cooldown.

Item Suggestions: Flashy Boots, Boomstick, Hecate's Diadem, Staff of Nuul, Holy of Holies, Ancestral Glory.


Item Analysis: Since Veera consumes a lot of Mana in the early game with harassing and clearing minions, she relies highly on skill use. She also has the ability to decrease Magic Defense.

Obviously, Flashy Boots are the best choice. Boomstick's burst damage and Magic strength allow Veera to deal great damage in the mid game. During the late game, Hectate's Diadem's Magic buff gives Veera great damage potential. Staff of Nuul is the best choice against Magic Defense items. Holy of Holies is the final item choice - Its super high Magic power and HP push Veera's damage output capabilities to the limit!


Battle Tip: Veera doesn't do enough damage early in the game, so it is important to farm minions. After getting to Level 2, she can use her second skill to help your Raider kill enemy solo Heroes. With Flicker, she can take advantage of the brush at each side of the middle lane. She can hide in the brush with allies and kill passing enemy Heroes.

In battle, Veera should follow behind friendly tanks and go all out against approaching enemy assassins. Use her second skill for crowd control, the third skill to deal tons of damage, and then finally her first skill to sweep. If the enemy isn't dead after that, they certainly won't be in good shape.


As a glass cannon Mage, Veera will make some enemies along the way. Though we all know to stay back and deal damage, circumstances can change in the blink of an eye when you're in the midst of battle. Without her crowd control skill, Veera would be almost entirely without escape options, so she must be very careful with positioning. It would be wise to retreat after using your skills and then wait for them to cooldown before advancing again. She can use her first skill during this time to harass from afar.

All in all, Veera’s late game damage is incredible but also very dependent on her skills. However, she excels at crowd control and is still a good option against assassins.

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