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Change Zanis's story

hayase| hayase 9/7/2017 09:58:52
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Edited by hayase at 9/7/2017 18:03

I was enjoying this MOBA game, then I tried this hero "Zanis" and after several game trying this hero, I thought "hey, this hero's pretty good and easy to use for beginner

Then I checked Zanis more on Hero screen later after finished some games, noticed that his design and appearance is somewhat original and quite cool-looking hero. Then I checked his story just for killing time ......... Another ZhaoYun from 3 kingdom ......... really !!!??

I mean, there're LuBu and DiaoChan already so I was expecting Zanis is spearman warrior from dark-ages medieval ages based on his appearance but turns out Zanis is just another ZhaoYun at another MOBA phone game. But at least some MOBA phone game changed his story rather use ZhaoYun story, though the story is quite cringy and not really interesting

Why most MOBA phone game are so obsessed with chinese 3 kingdom story ? Seriously ?

I realize this is something very very trivial thing since most players won't read story of those heroes anyway but somehow it irks me to the point I make thread about this and hopefully they change Zanis's story to more interesting and original one rather generic ZhaoYun story.

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Admin| Admin 10/8/2017 02:01:07
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wow! we really appreciate your wonderful idea! that will help us to improve! hope the result, I help you to put this vote on the top!

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martinxu| martinxu 10/11/2017 20:35:04
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Just because this game is all (yes its ALL) based on the hottest mobile moba game in China called King of Glory, and they just change the art style to suit the foreign player just like u, so the background story is naturally come from  Chinese history. I do think the game designer should change the back ground story to a more original one cause foreign aesthetic should be respected most.

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