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ENG - September 28 [New Version Update Notes]

Admin| Admin 9/26/2017 23:53:30
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The official Arena of Valor server willbe down for maintenance to prepare for our update on September 28th. The downtimedepends on the speed we’re able to apply the update. During this time, youwon’t be able to log on the server.

In the new version, we've furtherbalanced heroes, the battlefield and equipment based on both community feedbackand our own gameplay data. We are particularly focusing on enhancing thesurvivability of Marksmen. With this and the battlefield changes, we expect tosee more strategic, fun and fair battles in the near future!

1. Hero BalanceChanges

[The Gilded - Gildur]
In the previous version, Gildur's passive triggered ashield effect. When this was combined with Zweihander’s ability, playersstarted soloing towers, which has a negative effect on gameplay and deviatesfrom our original intent. We kept his control abilities but weakened thepassive damage AP bonus, thus restricting his ability to steal towers and todeal high passive damage while still maintaining his strong control presence.
Passive: Midas Touch
Damage: (1.5 AP) (+0.5 AD)→(1.0 AP) (+0.5 AD)
Ability Change: When Gildur’s passive is triggered, itwon’t have the shield effect anymore.

[The Adorable Mystic - Alice]
Ability 3: Hissy Fit
Magic Defense: 50/75/100% → 30/40/50%
Cooldown Time: 30/25/20 → 35/30/25

[The Herald of the Void - Chaugnar]
Ability 2: Shockwave
Damage: 300/360/420/480/540/600 (+0.35 AP) →275/325/375/425/475/525 (+0.35 AP)
Mana Cost: 40 → 45

[The Smasher - Skud]
Ability 1: Furious Charge
Cooldown Time: 9/8.4/7.8/7.2/6.6/6 → 6
Ability 3: Wild Beast Fury
Cooldown Time: 40/35/30 → 35/30/25

[The Reaper Queen - Mina]
Passive: Sweet Revenge
50 (+1.0 AD) (Level*10) → 10 (Level*10) (+1.0 AD) (+2%Max HP)
Ability 1: Whirling Scythe
125/150/175/200/225/250 (+1.2 AD)
→ 125/150/175/200/225/250 (+1.2 AD) (+2% Max HP)
Mana Cost: 75/80/85/90/95/100 → 75

[The Trustworthy - Slimz]
Ability 1: Flying Spear
Ability Revamp:
Slimz throws a flying spear. When the spear hits an enemyunit, it deals damage and stuns based on distance the spear has traveled, up to300/400/500/600/700/800 (+1.0AD) Physical Damage and up to 2.5 seconds of stun.After the spear hits an enemy unit, Slimz’s Attack Speed will increase by(25/30/35/40/45/50)% for 5 seconds. If it hits a hero, the target hero’smovement speed will be reduced by 60% for 1 second. If it hits a monster, itwill cause an additional 200/260/320/380/440/500 True Damage.
Mana Cost: 65/70/75/80/85/90
Cooldown Time: 10
Ability 3: Savage Potion
Movement Speed: 20%/30%/40% → 20%/25%/30%
Cooldown Time: 44/36/28 → 44/40/36

[The Pandharma Master - Zuka]
Ability 2: Panda Chariot
Time Spent in the Air: 1 → 0.75

[The Awoken Mech - Omega]
Ability 2: Crash Mode
Cooldown Time: 12/11/10/9/8/7 → 9
Ability 3: Exterminate
Damage: 172/217/262 (+0.55 AD) → 200/275/375 (+0.75 AD)

[The Unspeakable - Mganga]
Passive: Voodoo
Damage: 15 (Level*1) (+0.05 AP) → 25 (Level*1) (+0.05 AP)
Ability 1: Toxic
Damage: 50/55/60/65/70/75 (+0.16 AP) → 40/45/50/55/60/65(+0.16 AP)
Mana Cost: 80/85/90/95/100/105 → 55/60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown Time: 14.5/13.3/12.1/10.9/9.7/8.5 →12/11/10/9/8/7
Ability 3: Detonation
Base Heal: 70 (+0.36 AP) → 120 (+0.24 AP)

[Vulpis Ignis - Fennik]
Ability 1: Thief's Mark
Explosion Damage:
270/304/338/372/406/440 (+0.96 AD) →160/180/200/220/240/260 (+0.75 AD)
Carried Additional Damage:
100/113/126/139/152/165 (+0.36 AD) →160/180/200/220/240/260 (+0.75 AD)
Cooldown Time: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10/9.5 →10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8

[The Anointed One - Ignis]
Base Attributes
Movement Speed: 350 → 370
Skill 2: Rain of Fire
Damage: 110/142/174/206/238/270 (+0.4 AP) →135/170/205/240/275/310 (+0.45 AP)

[The Bull King - Toro]
Ability 3: Cracked Earth
3rd Stage Damage: 200/250/300 (+1.0 AD) → 300/400/500 (+1.5AD)
Cooldown Time: 54/45/36 → 40/35/30

[The Protector - Thane]
Ability 1: Valiant Charge
Damage: 56/64/72/80/88/96 (+0.35 AD) →60/75/90/105/120/135 (+0.35 AD)
Cooldown Time: 14/13/12/11/10/9 → 12/11.2/10.4/9.6/8.8/8

[The Crystal Lotus - Diaochan]
Base Attributes
Max HP: 3083 → 3088
HP Growth: 167.6 → 202

[The Scarabim - Kriknak]
Ability 1: Terrifying Plague
Damage triggered by marks: 10% Max HP → (8/9/10/11/12/13)%Max HP

[Death's Whisper - Butterfly]
Base Attributes
Max HP: 3113 → 3269
HP Growth: 183.6 → 192.8
Passive: Assassin
HP Restored: 12% → 15%

[The Fist - Raz]
Ability 2: Power Surge
Slowdown Effect: 40%-80% (lasts 2 seconds) → 60%-90% (lasts1 second)

[The Incorruptible - Jinnar]
Passive: Samsara
Damage: (1 AD) (+1 AP) → 300 (Level*25) (+1 AP)

[The Glutton - Grakk]

Ability 2: Devil's Chain
Chain Pull Back Time: 1.2 → 1.6 Seconds

[The Wanderer - Murad]
Base Attributes
Base Attack Damage: 178 → 169
Attack Damage Growth: 12.1 (Per Level) → 11.5 (Per Level)

[The Illest - Preyta]
Ability 1: Plague Specter
340/450/560/670/780/890 (+0.55AP) → 320/420/520/620/720/820 (+0.55 AP)

[The Seer - Ilumia]
Ability 3: Cataclysm
Damage: 700/850/1000 (+1.0 AP) → 640/820/1000 (+1.0 AP)

[The Frenzy - Ormarr]
Passive: Gut Punch
Bug Repair: Repaired the bug that would stun a DefenseTower when a passive was triggered.

2. BattlefieldBalance Changes

Abyssal Dragon
There is no doubt that the Abyssal Dragon is an importantcontention point on the battlefield. Countless exciting battles have unfoldedaround this dragon. However, recent statistics have revealedthat its importance has far exceeded our expectations. Our data hasshown that the first team to get theAbyssal Dragon has a very high chance to win. This can clearly negativelyaffect the gameplay experience for all players. Although we hope that the Abyssal Dragon will remain an importantresource and we hope the battles around the dragon will continue, we still wantto maintain a fair gameplay environment while maintaining the spirit ofcompetition. This also means that the Abyssal Dragon will become moreimportant as time passes, but it might not provide as much of a benefit forteams that kill it within a very early stage of the game. Check out the following changes below.
Abyssal Dragon Changes
Abyssal Dragon Base EXP: 700 → 450
Abyssal Dragon Base Gold: 100 → 80
Abyssal Dragon HP and Attack Growth rate is now based onthe amount of time that has passed:

  • Abyssal Dragon     HP after 10 minutes: 18000 → 27000
  • Abyssal Dragon     Attack after 10 minutes: 459 → 612
Abyssal Dragon EXP and Gold awarded is now based on theamount of time that has passed:

  • Abyssal Dragon     EXP for 10 minutes: 800 → 900
  • Abyssal Dragon     Gold for 10 minutes: 100 → 120
AI Changes
Now that the AI has been adjusted, the Abyssal Dragon willact more aggressive to trespassers, thus making it easier to pull it out of itslair.
After modifying the brush near the Abyssal Dragon lair, the fight over the dragon will be more fair for both sides.

Note: For the same reasons (fair fights!), the brush near the Dark Slayer Lairhave also been adjusted in a similar fashion.

Marksman Class
Statistics and actual game experience have shown: SinceMarksmen have limited mobility, they are susceptible to being suppressed byAssassins. (That's right, we're talking about Murad, Zuka and Nakroth.) Thehigh mobility of these Assassins allow them to quickly get close to Marksmenwhen needed or quickly escape their range after they've made their kill. Thismakes them difficult to deal with for low mobility Marksmen, since they can'tguarantee their own survival, much less their own damage output. Therefore,we have adjusted the base movement speed and normal attack range for the entireMarksman class. This way, when they are faced with their natural enemies, the encounterwill be a more of an interactive experience where they have a chance to defendthemselves and fight back. In addition to this, we have increased thenormal attack range of Defense Towers and Bases so that there will be some riskwhen a Marksman tries to take one of them down.
Base Attribute Changes
Violet: Base Range 620 → 675
Slimz: Base Range 600 → 700, Base Movement Speed 350 →360
Yorn: Base Range 660 → 750, Passive Ability Range 900 →1000
Valhein: Base Range 630 → 750, Base Movement Speed 350 →360
Fennik: Base Range 660 → 750
Tel'Annas: Base Range 630 → 750
Buff Adjustments
When long-range heroes have a might buff, their basic attack'sslowdown effect is no longer fixed at 15%. It can increase from 16% to 30%depending on the Hero's level.
Note 1: When a melee hero has a might buff, the slowdowneffect added to basic attacks will remain at 30%.
Note 2: When a long-range hero has a might buff, its burn(DoT – damage over time) damage will still be half of that of a melee hero.

Defense Towers
Data and our personal observations show thatMarksman-type heroes have an appearance rate 20% lower than what weanticipated. In high-end matches, sometimes there isn't even room for aMarksman to be used as part of a team. We think thatthis is mainly due to the current battlefield not being well-suited to theuniquely long-range attack advantage of the Marksman. Based on this, ourchanges to Defense Towers will also further increase the unique value of theMarksman class.
Base Attribute Adjustments
Defense Tower Attack Range: 775 → 830
Base Attack Range: 900 → 1010
Slowdown Effect
Defense Towers and the Base's basic attacks will inflicta 30% slowdown effect on targets for 1 second. Melee heroes now have a higherrisk when tower diving.
Strong Shield
The Defense Towers on the path that crosses the Dark Slayer now have a "Strong Shield" effect, thuscountering fast pushing tactics and also enhancing battles over the AbyssalDragon.
The "Strong Shield" effect replaces theprevious "Fixed Block" effect. Strong Shield reduces the damagereceived by the Defense Tower by 40% and lasts 3 minutes.
After the changes, the Defense Towers outside the DarkSlayer path are more secure. We recommend that Marksman and Support heroes goon the path together so that they can participate in the initial stages of thisengagement.

3. Equipmentbalance adjustments

Increased jungle efficiency
Unique Passive - Flame Magic
New Ability: Damage against minions and monsters isincreased by 100%

Mantle of Ra
Increased jungle efficiency
Unique Passive - Burn
New Ability: Damage against minions and monsters isincreased by 100%

Death Sickle
The Death Sickle carries life steal and is also designedto give weaker classes survivability in later stages. The combination of itsunique passive and life steal made it too strong for squishy heroes. To furtherfocus on players buying it for its unique passive only, we reduced the priceand removed life steal from it.
Base Attributes
Price: 2070 → 2000
Removed Attribute: Life Steal +10%

Base Attributes
Attack Speed: 25% → 35%

Claves Sancti
New Unique Passive - Divine Bestowal
Increases your movement speed by (30 + HeroLevel*2) after a Critical Chance (lasts 2 seconds). (Only effective for longrange)
War Boots
Base Attributes
Attack Speed: 15% → 25%

Enchanted Kicks
Craft Recipe Changes
Removed Crafting Components
Other Changes:

  • Optimized some equipment icons
IV. In-Game SystemChanges

Login Screen

  • Added the login server selection feature. Players can now choose to go to a server that is not the closest one to their location.
  • Data is not shared between servers. If it's not your first time playing AoV, please select the server that you logged into last time. (If you find yourself on a new account after entering the server, please don't panic. You can choose to switch servers in Settings and log in again)

Credibility Score

  • To further promote good gameplay and punish AFKers, we've changed the Credibility Score needed to participate in ranked matches has been increased from 80 to 85.
  • To further promote good gameplay and punish AFKers, the Credibility Score needed to collect daily rewards has been increased from 90 to 96.
  • Changed Scoring System: The number of points deducted for AFKing has been increased. If there are multiple AFK instances in a short period of time, players will receive a one-time Credibility Score reduction of 10 as a punishment.
  • Optimized the Reporting System: Judgment standards for multiple reports at the same time are stricter, and if you are reported multiple times in a short period of time, the max Credibility Score deduction is 10.
  • Optimized AFK Rules: If a player temporarily disrupts the game for reasons out of their control, they just need to promptly return to the game to reduce the amount of deducted Credibility Score.


  • Added Personal Card Feature: You can show your preferred classes, time spent playing the game, your location and more for other players to see!
  • Added Friend Finder Filters: Players can search for other players by class, time spent playing the game, section, region, and more, making it easier for you to find the right players to team up with!
  • Increased Advanced Gift Feature: Once your Friendship Points reach a certain value with another player, the Gold they can send to each other as gifts will change into Advanced Gifts. Advanced Gifts contain more Gold as well as random Hero Trial Cards and Skin Trial Cards. Each day you can send Advanced Gifts to up to 3 friends.

Tourney Mode

  • Added the ultimate equipment recipe purchase notification feature. Spectators can see whenever a player completes the recipe for the final form of a piece of equipment.
  • Added HP and Talent Cooldown Displays: Spectators can now see each player's current HP and talent cooldowns.
  • Optimized spectating so spectators can get a wider view of the field.

Ranked Match

  • Added Ranking Up Quests: After completing the Ranked Match reward quests, you can continue to rank up to obtain Magic Crystals, Evo Crystals and hero skins.
  • Optimized Season Time Display: Now you can see when a season is about to end as it nears. There is no longer an unclear season time display.

Single Round

  • Optimized Match Loading Interface: Hero images and the colored rank frame now have a better look.
  • Optimized Scoreboard Display Position: When equipment settings are displayed on the right side of the screen, you can open the scoreboard on the right side as well. (Previously it was on the left side.)

Sharing Feature

  • Improved the Favorite Heroes Section: The Favorites section in Player Info will now show all the heroes you have used until now (previously it only displayed a maximum of 10). When the number of rounds played with a specific hero is greater than 20, you can share that hero's win rates with friends.


  • Added the Luck Crystals to the Lucky Draw: Every time a Lucky Draw is made, luck will be added to the Luck Crystal. The higher the luck, the greater the chance of obtaining rare items from a Lucky Draw. If luck is maxed out, then a rare item is guaranteed in the next Lucky Draw.
  • Added Hero Guide Links: Click to view the game's background stories and hero background stories.
  • Optimized Chat Channel Team Invitation Feature: When an invitation is sent, the sender can set rank and level requirements. The participant can also then learn the current team member's ID, level, rank, class preference, win rate, rounds played and other information before joining the team.

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