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General and Hero Suggestions

crybloodwing| crybloodwing 6/14/2018 12:36:51
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One major suggestion... MORE PURE SUPPORT HEROES!

Now to other suggestions

1. Make it easier for pure healers to get higher number scores after match. For example I play Peura a lot and I often do over 70,000 healing and get +25 proficiency. However due to lack of kills, I often get around a 5.6 score.
2.  Don't let new heroes be used in ranked. They may need balance changes.

3. More support heroes that actually heal. Well, more support in general. The number of them is so much lower than the other categories. Most support just give buffs. Peura is the only one I have found that has a good solid healing ability. Mganga heals also, but it is harder to use and way less effective.

3.5. Way too many tanks/support. Out of 8 tanks...We have 2 full supports(only one of which can heal), 5 tanks/support, and 1 mage/support. Why are support heroes so left behind?

4. On the website, I think clicking on your name in the top right should bring you to a page where you can see all posts you have made. I can;t find ones I made months ago.

Also here are some specific hero suggestions.


Mina: Needs a slight damage buff to some of her abilities. Compared to Lumbarr for example, her abilities do less, and she has less constitution.


Butterfly: Her attack damage is one of the highest in the game. In addition, her ability damage is pretty high also. Combine this with high mobility and she is very hard to kill. I feel like her basic attack damage needs to be lower. Actually most assassins I have played need a tiny debuff. Nothing too major though.


I feel that most mages are slightly underpowered. Specifically the mages who are just mages or mages/support. In general magic damage is not as high as physical damage.

Diaochan: Her ultimate needs some rework. It provides good control, but the movement/channeling part is a problem. You have to get close to the enemy for this and often you will die quickly. It would be better if you could sneak behind the enemy and pop her Ult, but due to her mobility that is generally hard to do.

Krixie: Needs more constitution. Just looking at the bard under her description, she generally has less bars filled in total than many heroes.


Valhein: Too much attack damage for being a very easy hero. His constitution is shown as low...but I have gone full matches when I just started, where I got MVP, over 15 kills, and never died once.  


Peura: Amazing healing ability....but her ultimate is pretty useless. It is similar to the problem I had with Diaochan. It is best to use during a team fight, but often you have to get close to the enemy to actually help your team. And overall it is less usefull than Diaochan's. I often go for just healing instead of using this ability. Maybe if it was something she could place down and then move away.

Mganga: Very hard to tell if you have a healing mark on someone and if so, who it is on. Also, how long does the healing mark last?

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