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What’s the current META?

Zekroma| Zekroma 6/10/2018 08:36:27
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Assuming META means most effective tactic available, what is the current meta? (Tanks, assassins, marksmen) or in other words, who is the best to play as to climb in ranked, and carry all your teammates?
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From_Hell| From_Hell 7/31/2018 21:49:42
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Superman, Rourke, Murad, Liliana, and Flash are all extremely Meta characters. If you can learn to play these characters (perfectly) you can breeze through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Plat. In diamond Superman and Rourke are commonly banned so that maybe a road bump. Mostly takes time in skills.

For passing:
- Bronze: any character that’s not a support character
- Silver: any character that’s not a support character
- Gold: Fly, Arthur, Valhein are all free easy picks (most characters are fine here)
- Platinum: See recommended characters above (most characters are fine here, but really need to be good).

By Class:

Marksmen: Violet and Joker are the best hands down. (Rourke doesn’t really do this role)

Tanks: Superman and Arum. Both are way to versatile. Thane is pretty scary too when played right.

Warrior: Rourke steals this category with Superman chasing behind. Honorable mentions to Wonder Woman, Omen, and Kilgroth.

Assassin: Murad, and any character with mage/assassin as their class. Butterfly is good for the lower ranks.

Supports: Xeniel and Alice. Azzen’ka is a mage that acts like a support so I’ll put him here... Please don’t try pushing rank with this class without friends.

Mages: All Mage/Assassins, Tulen, Arum (more of a tank so see above), Marja? (Don’t see her often but theoretically good), and I think Illumia is most competitive Traditional Mage (correct me if I’m wrong).

I think that covers everything for as far as a crash course goes. Any hero can be used: some hero’s will just take more work/friends. A lot of the top hero’s are kind of tricky like Murad or Nakroth.

Good luck!
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