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Nerf teemee or buff the other supports

Dianne| Dianne 6/3/2018 18:58:05
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Things as they are right now makes teemee way too superior to other supports. Their abilities have huge damage scaling with burst mage potential and on top of that they have very short cooldowns in their most spammable skills that also have powerful CC effects as well. It doesn't help that they have 380 movement and with their first and second skill can very quickly close distance gaps and chain two separate stuns, one being a large area one.

With things like that they can easily burst squishy targets and leave tougher ones served to be destroyed by adc or mages if they are built for damage and if they aren't the damage is still very respectable and spammable with their short cooldowns. I mean, pooty poots already starts at 5 seconds cooldown from day one and as all their skills are magic damage, they have a lot less resistence to deal with compared with other close range supports like lumburr who have physical damage skills.

And then there's their passive that effectively makes the adc that it is extremely likely to be going along it snowball faster with extra money from critters and minions

Basically, they have way too many good things going for them and their kit easily overshadows the one of other supports. Damage, mobility, CC, spammability, super useful passive and even revival, they have it all and the only thing they can't do is remove CC which fortunately is still chaugnar's niche
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From_Hell| From_Hell 6/4/2018 11:39:03
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Teemee has a lot of perks but there are other hero’s that break the game to a great degree. Teemee and other supports ultimately depend on teammates while there are hero’s like the DC hero’s who are literally 2.0 versions of already respectable hero’s. I think they have bigger problems to deal with than TeeMee....

Flash is a 2.0 Zill
WW is a 2.0 Arthur??
Superman is a 1.547 Thane
Violet is a 1.3 Joker
Batman is a 1.2 Wu Kong

I think it can be safely said all the DC hero’s are at the top of there classes if nothing else. While they are not 100% improved copies of old hero’s there are striking similarities.....Wu Kong and Batman have invisibility, Superman and Thane share the same stunning charge, WW is a stretch but is better than Arthur, Flash and Zill have the same ult....

I think other supports can definitely use some love like Chaurgnars ult should be able to free people from Omen’s Ult and Lumburr’s Ult shouldn’t alert the enemies that it’s coming, but I think in terms of nerfing hero’s there are better candidates than TeeMee...

p.s. do you actually main Lumburr?
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Use magic

Dianne|  Author| Dianne 6/5/2018 13:34:57
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I played lumburr for a while along the other supports until ultimately settling down on Alice for her ability to stop superman and flash with her ulti.

Honestly, probably you're right. It is less teemee being overpowered and more all the other supports being underpowered. Some close-mid range like lumburr and even chaugnar are kinda hard to justify using them over teemee while others ranged like peura and Alice suffers of horribly long cooldowns and awkwardness in their skills. I pretty much sacrifice buffing my survivality to get all the neccesary items and arcana to give alice maximum cooldown to spam her techniques because her skills starts with a horrible CD. I mean, most heroes starts with at least a skill that has a base CD of 6 or 5 seconds, Alice's starts with cooldowns of 9 and 14. Ditto with peura having starter CD of 20 and 10 in her regular skills.
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