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Broken Account

YannisJoshuaMon| YannisJoshuaMon 5/31/2018 05:56:16
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I have 2 issues that I have encountered which is preventing me from enjoying the game to the fullest:

1. Heroes
- Having completed the Road to Glory quest, I have obtained all heroes given as rewards except for two: Maloch and Ilumia. I have already gotten Kriknak (aka the last hero on the road to glory), but the game decided to skip ahead two heroes and they remain locked and unplayable on my roster. When I try to go to the shop and press the "Road to Glory" tab where the hero's price is usually located found under the image of the hero, it just keeps directing me to my weekly tasks. I have tried exploring and have found that there is no way for me to obtain the two otherwise. I had the Version 13 of the game when I encountered this issue, and even after the Version 14 patch it still isn't fixed. Also, a side issue, on my roster, Veera is contantly labeled "Free" even though I'm pretty sure she isn't free for that week. It won't go away and it's always there, but it doesn't really pose a problem to me. I encountered this Free Veera Issue around the same time as the Road to Glory Heroes Missing issue.

2. Version 14 update
-I recently just download and updated the app from the playstore. When I go in-game, it prompts me to download more additional stuff, divided into 5 (not sure about the number) groups or "packs". I downloaded these packs using only my mobile data and I had no problem whatsoever, until I reached the final pack which was the Cinematics Pack. I noticed that it didn't download. It was stuck at 0MB/27MB and I restarted the game several times to fix it. After several reboots, the download tab disappeared. I looked at my backpack to see if I had obtained the Download rewards (such as the Hero trial card) and to my disappointment it wasn't there. I also noticed that I didn't get any of the gems or gold rewards upon downloading. Simply put, I updated the  game which is nice, but I didn't get any rewards whatsoever. I think that it has something to do with my account being broken (or cursed lol)?

If any of you or the developers read this, please help me with this problem. It would mean a whole lot to me! ;_;

Server: The Valiant (Philippine Server)
IGN: Yanyannis

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