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Please make fixed position for movement wheel

LisaB| LisaB 5/19/2018 15:40:48
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Please make the option to have a fixed position on movement wheel. Due to small lags and other issues, the movement wheel may change their position during the game. This small issue could be a game changer if it happens during a fight. It's not a big change but could be very helpful for many players. Besides, many games already have this options inplemented.
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zazzer| zazzer 5/29/2018 16:49:38
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I can see some creative uses for this, like having different setups depending on which hero you're playing.

I can't make any promises, but the suggestion is heard!

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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/23/2018 13:52:13
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That or make it an option in settings so players can have the option for a fixed movement pad.

It would also be nice for some hero’s like Xeniel and Illumia if you made an Auto- Run feature where your character walks to a location tapped on the map so you can look around without standing still. (This feature probably would want to be made optional via settings).

Like this idea.
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Rongaulius| Rongaulius 5/29/2018 04:51:38
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I'd like to see them go one further and offer a fully customizable HUD: all control positions adjustable along with object/button size.  There's been many a time where my tablet screen got a tad oily after a couple long matches, and the floating joystick decided to recenter on my thumb.  Resulting in a loss of mobility until I cleaned my screen...not easy to do while trying to launch a counterattack.
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