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Superman needs to be rebalanced

Dianne| Dianne 4/18/2018 10:09:54 From the mobile phone
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The description says he is warrior/tank but he can easily dish out assassin level burst damage as well. He doesnt even need to gear himself for damage due how his skill damage formula works and some of his skills outright uses a percentage of his max hp for damage, which can make him ridiculous once he has enough hp items.

It doesn't help that there's little charge time until he starts flying and even gets a speed boost and in flight mode and all his skills gets buffed quite a lot. Your solution simply was to give him more cooldown, but considering that the main issue is how much damage and CC he deals when he gets in a fight, having to wait a few more seconds is nothing as when he can use his skills, whoever is hit, which can be a group of heroes as his skills are AOE, are in a huge risk of being destroyed by superman's companions immediately due the combined CC and burst damage
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From_Hell| From_Hell 4/28/2018 11:00:55
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The burst damage is a real problem. He seems to be able to easily bust out 3K+ burst damage (from 1 attack). He is better at doing burst damage then half of the mages and does enough damage to put Kriknack, Nakroth, and Butterfly to shame...

Why was Superman made to be this OP? Was it something like:

Tencent: Hmmm, Omega is fun since he is fast...thane has good cc. Wu Kong is already a broken character that does enough burst to 1 shot ADC or mage... let’s combine all three! This new character won’t be broken at all! Plus this works with superman’s Lore perfectly!

In all seriousness, what was the thought process behind Superman? His passive gives a better speed buff than Kriknack’s ult or Omegas skills, he does almost as much damage as Wu Kong or Murad (I am accounting for his damage across groups) and is just as tanky as Taraa. He has just as much CC as ignis or Krixi, making him one of the most versatile characters in the game...

- nerf his damage to oblivion and make him like thane that’s on cocaine breaking the speed limit wherever he flies.
- nerf his base HP by 1500-2000 and change his class to assassin. Then he’ll be closer to Kriknack or a fast BF.
- Remove his CC
- Remove the AOE effects from his skills, that way he will be more like a tanky Nakroth that’s still Op, but more manageable.
- Make it so enemies hit by his burst damage heal 90% of the damage back over a 10 second period (this’ll be unique and interesting if implemented to say the least).

I hope this wasn’t too negative and helps rebalance Superman.

P,s, if you couldn’t tell, I wholeheartedly agree with the author.
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KenLove89| KenLove89 5/21/2018 01:48:29
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Check out "The Real Superman" in content creators and tell me what you think!
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From_Hell| From_Hell 5/23/2018 13:49:07
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KenLove89 replied at 5/21/2018 01:48 AM
Check out "The Real Superman" in content creators and tell me what you think!

Replied to the thread. I think if you want to revamp Superman to be balanced some players (like myself) need some numbers for ballpark values to estimate is Superman will be balanced yet useable or new broken **** that dominates matches more then the next 3 OP hero’s combined.
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