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Weekly gold limit - unnecessary?

NicoThresh| NicoThresh 3/11/2018 17:45:00 From the mobile phone
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Is there any reason for the weekly gold limit? The only thing I see is that it limits active people, and prevents getting things.
And if it is for the people who play little, it still has no meaning, because, for example, in the LoL there are so many people who play a lot and people who play little, and there is no limit.
There are people who can play more on vacation and this puts obstacles in the way of getting characters.

Is there a reason for this?
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From_Hell| From_Hell 3/17/2018 08:33:29
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Mostly what you have mentioned. There has been attempts to change this by parts of the player base without success (despite the great customer service and willingness shown by Tencent to remove said gold cap).

I think there are two categories of players that argued against removing the gold cap resulting in what we have now.

One of these categories I suspect exist are the players that are fairly unskilled but spend a lot of money to unlock characters/arcana/skins. They don’t want the gold cap removed since it would allow new (more skilled players) to surpass them more easily. This same suspected group (IDK if it exists) would probably lord over newer players and take satisfaction in trivial things like being Gild Leader or having cooler skins or more hero’s — stuff that they wouldn’t be able to brag about if more players had a better chance at earning gold to obtain the said items.

The other group which I am 70% certain exists would be the group of “elite-ish” players (currently Hugh ranked players) who don’t want new players being able to quickly improve, catch up, and compete with them for the higher ranks. I personally think that if such a group existed they would be fairly paranoid and elitist in a different way from the prior “imagined” category.

I think if the gold cap was removed it would allow for greater volatility in the ranking ladder (skill is involved but having decent characters in the first place is also required) due to newer players being able to attain one or two competitive characters in addition to the given decent/competitive characters.

Thank you for reading my “crazy” ideas of two different conspiracy groups existing. I kind of made that up (though wouldn’t doubt their existence) since there ARE players that object to removing the gold cap with very, very little reason other than “AOV is love, AOV is life, Tencent is god, you can’t improve anything they make” kind of logic.

More seriously....

I’m confused as well as to why a gold cap exists. I understand a company needs to make money, but if there were decent gold sinks (like events or a better lottery system) there would be no issue—in fact it might increase revenue.

I hope longer term the cap gets removed (otherwise certain other games without caps on similar currencies will seem more tempting and) so players can be more invested in AOV. [There is a grammar error in the previous sentence, but I’m too lazy to correct it]. No gold cap could solve lots of problems like poor pairing, bad teammates and toxic players being present since more players would play more, improving their skill, reporting toxic people, and either learning to co-operate or lose credibility. [Another grammar error, see first such comment]
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