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Ward and Stalker Game

VicRR| VicRR 3/9/2018 15:44:06 From the mobile phone
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Why this game not add observe ward in game and sentry ward for remove ward?
And let the stalker lines of battle?
Is option for implement more difficult in game and would be very cool for support in game.
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From_Hell| From_Hell 4 day(s) ago
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The wards would hurt Lindis and Wu Kong. It would also probably hurt the assassin class generally. While Wu Kong, BF, Murad, or Raz would probably still be playable/good, characters like Lindis, Kriknack, and Zill would be hurt considerably. Lindis is practically only useful because of her bush scouting capabilities. Kricknack and Nakroth already are hurting (generally) due to difficulty using/high shop price/poor team fight capabilities. Zill depends on ambushing like other glass cannon assassins such as Nakroth and will also take a heavy blow if he can be detected beforehand.

On one hand, wards would be pretty cool and useful as a mage (less ambushes) however, there would definitely be characters who are weakened by such items, and if such items were implemented, I’m not certain I would want all aforementioned characters’s hard enough to survive against a coordinated team with 1-2 assassins with some assassins being notably weaker than others (I.e. Kriknack, Nakroth, Ryoma). While wards might increase survivability, it wouldn’t seem fair if the assassin class was generally buffed and at that point wards might just become a gold drain...

Some MOBAS wards are value others .... not so much. With the character mix we have now, I don’t think wards can be IMO,emended without a drastic change in the meta, notably how it would affect Wu Kong.
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Ali_Elshafie| Ali_Elshafie 3/13/2018 19:33:38
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It would be amazing if they do that
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