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Heroes for top lane

Myke1912| Myke1912 2/2/2018 08:22:15
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Hello, I'm new to this game and actually it is the first MOBA I'm playing so I get a little confused with the roles. I've been playing for a little over a month and I have a basic understanding about the different positions and roles. So, what I want to get is advice on the best heroes to play the top lane(I understand this is the Dark Slayer lane) which is usually played solo. Right now when I have to play top I always choose Arthur, I've tried Lu Bu but he did not work good for me.
And also a little bit out of topic, what do you do when your teamates choose 3 ADCs or 3 mages or any other selection that can be considered weak, what is the best choice to try to keep a balanced team and have at least an opportunity to win?
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David_Mao| David_Mao 2/2/2018 09:00:49
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I recommend Cresht, Wonder Woman, Arduin, Skud or even Arthur if you are new.
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Panzilla| Panzilla 2/5/2018 14:51:25
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Edited by Panzilla at 2/5/2018 02:53 PM

A lot NEW players are confuse with top and bot lane..
please note, they are not the same... lane guard is base on dragon or dark slayer...

dark slayer is for heroes who can stand on his own
dragon is usually 2 ppl guard, so can take out dragon fast when jungle comes around. (etc shooter team up with tank)

just remember to keep in mind, you do not pick where to guard by picking top or bot, you pick by look which is dragon which is dark slayer..
map layout and mob spot are always the same for all game but dragon and slayer can be switch either at top or bot
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HarveySpecter| HarveySpecter 2/4/2018 10:16:53
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I agree with David. Top laners usually are those who can stand their ground on their own. Tanky heroes usually are the best. If the enemy tries to gank on you, the jungler and midlaner must be able to respond to you quickly when the need arises.

As for hero combination, there really is no perfect formula. Usually a team with two tanks works well. As long as you have one mage, adc and warrior, the rest it's up to you.

My perfect team would be tank, warrior/assassin (jungler), adc, mage, support.

Good luck!
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