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Arcana ruin the leveling experience and fun

StigtriX| StigtriX 10/6/2018 13:25:19
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Edited by StigtriX at 10/14/2018 04:39 AM

League of Legends removed the old rune system as the progression did not feel satisfying, and the runes also led to imbalance. I hope that Arena of Valor will find a more meaningful and fun way to add depth, as Arcana are boring to collect and just result in bigger numbers. They do not affect gameplay in a way that is fun, and they force me to have a smaller hero pool as I lack arcana for all classes. Why would I play classes with less than ideal Arcana in a competitive game?

I would use more money if you did not insist on limiting me in such a meaningless way. Let me play the classes I want to play without the need for a mindless grind that does not feel satisfying or meaningful. It is just bad design.

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From_Hell| From_Hell 10/9/2018 14:09:11
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First, if you like playing many different hero’s F2P I would like to point out multiple things:

1. There is a generic arcana page(s) that work for practically every hero (I forget what it was but could probably be searched up. I know for green arcana you get armor and I think Benevolence for Purple Arcana but not certain). It’s mostly just putting generic buffs like HP bonus and armor bonus. CD arcana works great on any character (from experience).

2. Arcana adds very little compared to the skill needed to master characters. It might make a difference if you were one of the top players in the world and needed that +100 AP or so to barely kill opponents or +15 armor to barely survive, but at levels lower than that you can run mage arcana on an ADC (that’s not Valhein) and get away with it. You only need to buy one page of arcana, and you are good to go, see point 1 for that matter.

If you plan to pay money....

1. You can unlock arcana pages...

2. You can buy hero(s)....

I don’t get the complaint to be honest. The main reason swapping classes isn’t advised is since it’s hard for most people to learn how to play another role/hero not because something trivial like arcana. I practice Azzen’Ka a lot and can say for certain I can 1v1 (FTR Azzen’ka Sucks at 1v1s) most players playing a hero they have never played before and crush them with or without relevant arcana (not because the player is bad per say but rather they lack familiarity and practice. This is a skill based game). Even if they have perfect arcana for the character it won’t make a noticibke difference. I admit not using ANY arcana at all hurts (level 2 arcana work just fine so unless you have already spent 20K on level 3 arcana there is no point in NOT using level 2 arcana), but they hand out so many free-be arcana that after a month you just have to sell level 3 arcana for a quick 600 gold...

Hope this helps....
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Chipolino| Chipolino 14 hour(s) ago
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I completely agree with StigtriX on this one. The arcana system is dull and boring, it adds little to nothing to the overall gaming experience. There is no real choice or creativity behind it either, each hero has a certain arcana page that simply fits the best, which everyone can just look up on samurai gamers or the aov discord. The prices are way too high: one full level 3 arcana page is worth more than 3 hero's - which is ridiculous imo.

I hope the arcana system will get revamped soon.
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StigtriX|  Author| StigtriX 4 day(s) ago
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Edited by StigtriX at 10/14/2018 04:43 AM
From_Hell replied at 10/9/2018 02:09 PM
First, if you like playing many different hero’s F2P I would like to point out multiple things:

1. ...

You do not seem to get the problem as you ignore it. That is not a solution.

1) Generic Arcana pages are bad. They do not take away the problem as they do not give specific champions the stats they need, just some generic survivability that is not worth that much and with no scaling. On top of that, making generic pages only prolonges the boring chore of collecting pages for different classes.

2) Arcana do not add "very little"! They can be the difference between getting a kill or getting killed. Let us compare the difference between level 1, 2 and 3 Attack Damage Arcana:

Do you see how much of a difference that is? Even more so if a player has not bought Arcana. As a marksman with level 2 Attack Damage Arcana I deal more damage and can take more damage. With level 3 Arcana I deal a lot more. Your ignorance really baffles me.

3) How is unlocking Arcana pages going to change the problem? The problem is the Arcana system itself. Riot Games removed runes in League of Legends because they did not add any value to the game - no fun or meaningful interactions were to be had. The new talents add flavour and choice, something Arcana in Arena of Valor never can do. They are a chore to collect and then you forget them.

From the League of Legends page about Runes Reforged:

"Forging a better Runes system first means concentrating the system's power into fewer choices so that each selection matters more. In the current Runes and Masteries systems, there are roughly 60 distinct slots, but very few of those choices have a significant impact on how your champion plays. Most of these slots are used up equipping your character with "required" stats like attack speed, armor, and magic resist. This makes much of Rune/Mastery selection more of a chore than a choice. Additionally, splitting all of the power across so many pieces prevents us from making any of your choices important—or powerful—enough, to really be cool.

With this in mind we're moving those “required” stats into the background so you can focus on the parts that matter. Keystone Masteries were our first test of this new theory, concentrating more of the power into individual choices. As with Keystone Masteries, the new Runes system will focus less on passive stats (although there will still be some of that) and more on playstyle-defining effects."

YouTube video about the changes

4) Buying heroes does not help either. Did you even take the time to read my post? I am not buying new heroes because I lack Arcana to complement their abilities.

You need to be extremely ignorant to not understand the issue. The free Arcana are only level 2 unless you get lucky with the gem chests, which have a very low chance of containing level 3 Arcana.
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