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Few things that need rework

Lukáš_Altner| Lukáš_Altner 6/17/2018 01:39:35
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Edited by Lukáš_Altner at 6/17/2018 01:43 AM

1) The new monthly sing-in event for a hero skin is sure nice but here is my issue. I can sing-in every single day except for the very last day and without it I won't get the skin and I cannot use retro sing-in to sign forward. So basically I can log in every single day like some kind of addict but without the last day it's all for nothing.

2) The censorship in chat is awful. You cannot write stuff like "This is" "Hero in jungle" "3 people" and similar stuff because it ignores the space and censors it.

3) The gem shop Diaochan skin box should be renamed or the content of it should be changed. I have everything from it at least 20x and none of it is related to Diaochan. The only missing thing from it is the skin itself which does not drop to me. Also the gem shop could have more products. This is only thing I can buy there pretty much. As it is now the gems are pretty much useless. For example skins for some high amount of gems would be great too.

4) I won't adress hero balancing and matchmaking too much because I realize that is close to impossible to make it all balanced. But for example new heroes should not be allowed to do ranked right after they are introduced because they might need some finishing touches.

Thank you. Otherwise I love the game a lot and I wish you best luck. Keep it up.

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