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From_Hell| From_Hell 6/3/2018 15:55:13
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Hi this will probably be ignored much like the call for a proper nerf for Superman/Flash/Violet but might as well try anyways. I just played in a match with a Skud who tried to force our team to surrender from the very beginning just because they didn’t like the team. They exploited the system by stealing our jungle from our 2 jungles for the duration of the game and gained some small participation near the end of the game to prevent themselves from being reported.
I cant help but feel there are lots of games I play where toxic players maintain a decent score through letting teammates die to prevent themselves from being reported. The reporting system seems targeted to make bad players have a poor time and quit the game while jack*** who know how to get a score of 4.0+ can avoid punishment from ruining the game for everyone else.

I wish there was a proper punishment system in this game because the longer I play the more I’m annoyed with my inability to do anything to stop griefers/trolls/bullies who play this game.
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Dianne| Dianne 6/3/2018 16:50:43
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Seconding this. And there's even entire teams of trolls. I played a regular match with four players with chinese names that not only feeded the enemy team like crazy but also refused to surrender and at the end of the match apparently all of them reported me because i lost reputation although just three points because they had no case against me beyond the automatic reputation loss for being reported by the majority.

This report system really needs improvement as it punishes the wring people while trolls get away using loopholes in the system
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DiVogan| DiVogan 7/11/2018 23:59:24
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How about the fact that my movement controls "freeze", which is insta-death, the n I can't move til I restart game, which gets me penalized? Happens every 8-10 days. meanwhile, guys like "JUNGULAR" spend the entire game calling us trash and insulting us every 20 seconds, and after reporting him it says no punishment?!?! FUK THAT NOISE. This system penalizes those that have to restart due to glitches caused by the game, but let's toxic a-holes run free in ranked. This is why I left DOTA and LoL. Guess this swamp is next on the app delete list.
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