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Arena of Valor - Official Rules of Conduct

zazzer| zazzer 7/24/2018 13:39:13
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Lately we have received many reports related to improper messages or unsportsmanlike behavior in-game. First, we'd like to apologize because this obviously brings a very bad experience to all of our players. In order to carry out our goal of maintaining a healthy and positive environment both in- and out-of-game, we're stepping up our efforts.

In addition to any behind-the-scenes operational improvements, we'd also like to clearly make it understood to all players what actions are punishable.

1) Any player who posts content of a threatening, harassing, discriminating, hateful, racist, ethnic, or offensive nature is investigated by a member of our team. If the report is confirmed, that player will be muted and subject to more sever punishment with repeated violations.

2) Any player who posts or sends illegal third-party charge advertisement - which violates the Terms of Service - will be banned from the first offense.

3) Any player found to use unfair and unsportsmanlike methods to boost their ranks will be banned from the game temporarily and removed from the leaderboards for this time. Repeated violations are subject to longer bans, even permanent.

We want to thank all of our players who have remained vigilant and reported offenders. Your help and reports are crucial for us to succeed.

If you encounter any of the following in-game, please contact our Support team in-game by going to the Settings menu, scrolling down the first page, and selecting the Customer Service option. Please provide screenshots to support your claims. The in-game method is preferred over email so that swifter action can be taken using provided account data.

We kindly ask for your patience as we handle these reports and improve our punishment process. With a large volume, we have to scale up to accomodate. We will continue to post clear rules of what behavior is not allowed and subject to punishment.

Thank you for your support!
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